An American Legend lost but not forgotten 

Chris Kyle American Sniper Movie

Bradley Cooper American Sniper

Finally a movie has been made about Chris Kyle. It stars Bradley Cooper who appears to have done a great job mastering Chris and his stature as a SEAL.

Chris joked with his wife that it would be cool if Clint Eastwood made a movie about him, but that joke is now a reality. There are so many of us that are looking forward to this movie that it will surely be sold out for many weeks on the opening nights. Shame Chris will not be there to see it.

Taya Kyle was very worried about a movie being made about the story. What a hard challenge for any actor to live up to Chris and present him in such a way that would make his team members and family proud. Not only that but the actress to play Taya had to live up to the same expectations.

Two great actors were chosen for the main roles. Bradley Cooper to play Chris Kyle and Sienna Miller to play Taya. After meeting with them, Taya felt relaxed and confident that it would be done correctly. With the directing brilliance of Clint Eastwood and the script by Jason Hall, there should be no worries.

There had been talk about Steven Spielberg directing the film, but he apparently dropped out and then Clint Eastwood took over the project.

A couple of former SEALS are also actors in the film.
Filming took place in Los Angeles and Morocco and is to be released worldwide on Christmas Day, the 25th of December.